Club Notices


Congratulations Simon and Dana (the NRSA 2021 Family of the Year) on being awarded the 2021 OFSC provincial Family of the Year award at last night’s Zoom awards celebration. It was awesome to see your countless hours of volunteering with the club rewarded and recognized with so many other outstanding snowmobiling families. Having you as part of our family sure has made snowmobiling in North Renfrew extra special for all. Thank you once again!

dana simon foy

A message from our president! Simon Lawson - Seaon 2019

Hi Folks

As you likely can recall, we wrapped up our 2019 snowmobile season on a tremendously high note due to the monumental accomplishments achieved by this powerhouse of an organisation called North Renfrew Snowmobile Association.

I am excited to report to you all, that these accomplishments by Your club, were recognised at a Provincial level this weekend at the 2019 OFSC AGM in Mississauga, Ont. NRSA, in front of the entire Province was awarded the prestigious Club of the Year trophy as well as a $2000.00 cheque from Supertrax Magazine.

Accompanying me to the AGM this year and on hand to accept the award on the Club’s behalf were Vice President/Secretary-Karen Crain, Treasurer-John Montin, Director-Doug Pinard (proprieter Doogie’s Dawgs) and of course the real brains of the organisation, my wife Dana Lawson!

Make no mistake that this award was the direct result of the well coordinated, cohesive group effort resulting in a level of teamwork that is beyond reproach and a marvel to witness. Every Volunteer in the Club contributed towards this recognition and should be very proud of their contribution regardless of how big or small. From the highly professional outstanding groomer team and their Coordinator who keep things nice and flat, the countless volunteers who participate in workdays to open trails with their Trail Managers and Trail Coordinator, the one man(in most cases) sign team who constantly garners positive feedback for great signage, the community minded volunteers who graciously give their time at our special events to make registration and prize/award ceremonies run smoothly, the participative individuals who generously donate their specific skillset for groomer maintenance, construction expertise, equipment operation and electrical/wiring services and last but certainly not least, the dedicated Executive who willingly give their time at a moments notice to provide input and a quorum for fair transparent democratic processes pertaining to Club business.

It must also be acknowledged that this Club’s success is also dependent on the graciousness of it’s host Communities. If it were not for the support and generosity of both the Town of Laurentian Hills and the Town of Deep River, NRSA could not have achieved half of it’s very ambitious goals for the 2018/19 season. After networking with many different club’s from across the Province it was extremely apparent to me that fabulous reciprocal relationships with communities who in turn embrace the economic opportunities that our sport can bring to the area, like the one’s we enjoy with our host communities, are a rarity in this industry. Many thanks to both Mayors D’eon and Reinwald as well as their Councils and Staff for their continued support!

As summer rolls to an end, in true NRSA fashion, we will all anticipate the best time of the year and pray to the Snow Gods so that we can all enjoy what the rest of the Province travel for hours to get a sample of…..North Renfrew Trails!

On behalf of the Executive, Thanks to each and every one of you!

Simon Lawson President